gram is fighting the invading virus, just like two fighters, they are sharing Win or lose, if our supercomputer artificial intelligence wins, the crisis can be resolved.”

Director Tang En frowned, “What if you lose?”
” If you lose, it will be very troublesome. Supercomputer is controlled by the virus. Data If it is cleaned or damaged, we have to manually remove the virus, so our losses will be very large. The only thing we can rest assured is that our supercomputer runs independently and is physically isolated from the outside world. There will be no data leakage.” Technician said .
Thinking of the loss of all the data in the administration, Director Dunn became even more annoyed, and immediately pointed at Polly and said: “You go to issue a notice now that Jon Jiang is wanted worldwide, and inform the school at the same time.”
“It’s the director.” Polly responded . Tao.
Polly left. Time flickered for half an hour. The supercomputer alarm stopped abruptly. The technicians showed 南京龙凤网 relief expressions on their faces. They reported to Director Tang Enhui: “Director, our artificial intelligence has won. After all, we are The core program 南京夜生活论坛 is large, and the data of the external program is relatively small, but from the time point of view, the technical level of the other party is very high.”
Tang En breathed a sigh of relief, “check it carefully to ensure that the server is running normally.”
“It’s the director.”
The technician carefully checked and found that several new viruses were found and killed. There was nothing unusual other than that, and the incident passed.
But no one knows that a new program has been sneaked into the lowest level program of this supercomputing, and it will hide in disguise, and it will slowly invade and grow in the future. The final purpose is to replace the core program of this supercomputing.
In this operation, Xiaoxin used thirty-six tactics to attack the west, secretly conceal the position, hide the sky and cross the sea, Li on 南京桑拿论坛 behalf of the peach, and ste