. Now Ren Suo has strengthened Xiao Meng to rank five, and the next step is to strengthen the dragon king Zhao Huo.

After the success of this battle, Ren Suo found that there was an extra
bonus-“Xiaomeng Legion won the Ring of ” The Ring of
“The Dragon King Five Wars”
“The Ring of the Five Wars: The ring of glory that the legion has received after five battles. When fighting, the members of the legion will become one body, and each other will be direct, comrades, and coordinated. The overall 南京水磨会所 combat strength is +1 %.” After
obtaining this ring, Ren Suo saw that the “Psychic Coordinator:” in the task list was completed instantly, and “Interstellar Assault Armor:” was still 175 pandas.
Ren Suo thought about it carefully and found that this “five war fellow” actually counted the first failed battle.
In other words, even if the battle fails, it is not without profit. In addition to obtaining information, it can also accumulate the number of legion battles.
According to this rule, I am afraid that there will be ten battle rings and hundred battle rings in the future.
Moreover, the dragon king Zhao Huo and Xiao Meng’s trust in Supreme Supreme has also increased a lot, and the enhanced special effect of “Attack Power +1%” has been triggered. Although there are not many, there is some hope.
It seems that fighting more 南京419论坛 has a lot of benefits, even if you fail.
It’s a pity that there are no other copies on Earth right now, and Ren Suo has no other choice but to eat and sleep to fight pandas.
There was a critical value of 9 points left. After the last “Tibet Panda” dungeon, the panda’s combat power was strengthened to 20% this time, but Ren Suo used the Dragon King Zhao Huo seduce method to fly a kite down.
“Interstellar Assault Armor:” The pre-war preparation task list listed by the Supreme Supreme is all completed!
The game pops up a prompt: “Whether to fight the first Ark invasion? The remaining critical value will be added to the critical value of the next chapter.”
Ren Suo natura