several mountains and seas, and several people nodded at the same time, and instantly killed them towards the battle zone. go with!

Capture Liu Wenyan!
Wait any longer, something is going to happen.
No one will be reconciled if the Five Dynasties Divine Writings are not obtained.
As for the bastard Zhou Mingren, who knows what he thinks.
Next to Zhou Mingren, several veterans from the Mountain and Sea Realm Pavilion said: “Lao Zhou, what are you doing?”
Zhou Mingren frowned slightly and said, “You can go, lest there are too many nights and dreams. Just capture Liu Wenyan, you don’t have to fight Wu Yuehua and the others. In the end!” The
people were a little bit aggrieved. You said you wanted to dig the grave. Now that the critical moment has come, you are silent, what the hell!
Although very angry and helpless, several people looked at each other and quickly joined the battle!
At this moment, a group of 南京品茶网 people are gradually joining the battle!
Single Shenwen one series, here are many mountains and seas!
By Liu Wenyan’s side, He Qi, Wu Yuehua, and Fan Ge also had many mountains and seas, and they 南京炮网 shot back!
Xia Houye glanced at Zhou Mingren, raised his eyebrows slightly, smiled and said nothing.
Over there, Mr. Hu also smiled, which was very meaningful.
At this moment, Zhou Mingren, who had not been moving, suddenly took a deep breath, and even two long gas dragons appeared in front of him, which were extremely conspicuous in the night.
Master Xiahou and Lao Hu looked far away one after another.
In the distance, one person panted exhaustedly, and while walking towards this side, he smiled and said, “Isn’t you late?”
Hong Tan!
Next to the broken hut, Liu Wenyan saw Hong Tan and suddenly cursed: “You rubbish, it’s only now, I thought you lost it!”
Hong Tan was a large number of people, and laughed at this moment: “Senior brother. It’s been so many years, is it good to have a temper and give some face?” After that
, 南京龙凤论坛 he glanced at Zhou Mingren, and the old