s composure. It was entirely because he had been working on a black phone without interruption in the past one or two months, which made his courage even stronger.

If he had seen this scene a few months ago, he would have been frightened.
“Is this the complete three-star horror scene?” The
body involuntarily took a step back, and Chen Ge clenched the Skull Smasher and felt a sense of security.
When there was only one minute left from zero, the whole passage seemed to be alive. All the corpses had awakened, the walls collapsed, the corpses crawled out of it, and the ceiling above the head kept falling from the ceiling.
They maintained their dying appearance, their bodies were penetrated by red lines, and most of their limbs were still connected together, not completely separated.
Chen Ge now knows exactly how terrifying the Ghost Story 南京炮网 Association’s nest is, and he has a new understanding of Doctor Gao who created all of this.
Being able to become the president of the Ghost Story Association and able to formulate treatment plans for so many mental illnesses and murderers, in fact, Doctor Gao is the most terrifying person.
During the day, he was the best psychiatrist in Jiujiang. He was thinking about the patients and he could hardly find a flaw in his body.
But at night, he stayed with countless corpses and built an underground laboratory with the victims’ bodies.
These are two completely opposite lives, yet they are so perfectly combined.
The most terrifying thing is that he has been living like this for five years, and no one has ever doubted his life during these five years.
“How did he do it?”
A corpse rushed in, and now they couldn’t rush out. Chen Ge could 南京419论坛 only retreat into the room and locked the iron door from inside.
“You two come with me, don’t ask anything, you will do what I ask you to do later.”
Those corpses seemed a little afraid of the door. They didn’t dare to approach too much, but the corpses behind would be crowded forward. The tragic face was stuck in