or divine writing.

“Top 100 List”
Su Yu let out a sigh, the light of the acupuncture points converged, and he walked out of the secret.
In the cabin.
Mr. Huang also simply said, “I will seal it for you”
this time, and he was suddenly stunned.
What’s wrong with him, why don’t you leak your vitality?
He looked at Su Yu, who also looked at him and smiled.
Waves or not?
My “yin” divine writing can be sealed by itself, are you convinced?
Still want to come to this set!
Huang Lao’s complexion was stiff, and soon recovered 南京桑拿会所 calmly, and said with a smile: “Could it be that the martial arts in “Shan Hai Xun You Tie” has a cover-up effect? ??That effect is not bad, it deserves to be a heavenly martial arts! I didn’t see anything. Clue”
Su Yu was shocked!
His complexion changed a little, and he reluctantly said: “What 南京龙凤网 did the teacher say, I don’t understand”
Huang Lao calmly said, ” What’s the matter? Decades ago, when Hong Tan wrote this “Shan Hai Xun You Tie”, I knew it. There is a martial skill in it, I don’t want to be too lazy, otherwise, I will come long ago, and you can still take your turn to practice?”
Huang Laodan smiled: “Our generation talks about freedom, not our own thing. , I’m too lazy to ask for it! It’s all about a heavenly martial art, hehe, don’t you think I don’t have one, do you?”
Su Yu is sluggish, I’ll go!
You really know!
Really magnanimous, don’t even want martial arts of the heavenly rank!
“Then, does my master know?”
Huang Lao said contemptuously: “Of course he doesn’t know! Don’t think he is stronger than me, but he is far inferior to me in observation ability! By the way, this martial skill, Which stage 南京419论坛 is it from?”
“Intermediate, the top one, with 132 resuscitations.”
Su Yu answered honestly.
People have long known that there are exercises, and they are still of the heavenly rank, so they are hiding something.
He thought that no one knew except himself and Suan.
How magnanimous!
At this moment, Su Yu was a little adm