using. Sometimes they are confused by themselves. I changed this name back then?”

Su Yu was confused when this word came out.
There is this saying!
King Da Zhou saw his own record, and he saw it, hey, did I change such a shameful name back then?
It must be particularly interesting to think about it.
Su Yu wanted to laugh a little, but Liu Wenyan couldn’t laugh or cry, and continued: “Go on, Daxia Mansion inherited to the Invincible Realm, there are countless swords in the sky.”
“The second is the God of War 南京水磨会所 tactics introduced by the Temple of War a few years ago. This is also the main practice method of the War Academy.”
“The third is the Wan Wen Jing introduced by the search for the realm. This is the main
practice method of the Civilization Academy.” “Of course, it is said that you can practice to the invincible state. It does not mean you If you can cultivate to that point, if everyone can do it, the invincible strong will be worthless, and the ten thousand races will have been eliminated long ago!”
“Cultivation depends on oneself, chance, talent, persistence, hard work !” ”
Liu Wenyan said solemnly: “At present, only these three techniques are open to cultivate to the invincible state. Of course, I mean Daxia Mansion! In fact, there may be some that are not open, such as private inheritance, and some families. There is a top-level 南京桑拿会所 powerhouse, and he may have deduced the invincible technique himself, but he hasn’t broken through to that realm himself. No one can
say whether it will work or not.” “Teacher, then I should practice Wanwenjing?”
Su Yu asked, and Liu Wenyan shook 南京桑拿论坛 his head and said: “That one can only be cultivated in the airborne realm. There is no exercise method passed down in the thousands of stones, because the civilized master starts in the air, I suggest you practice the God of War Art, the Qianjun Realm Enlightenment 72 Acupuncture point.”
Su Yu was vaguely lost. In fact, he wanted to practice a stronger exercise, such as the top-level exercises of 108 Ap