” Picking up the backpack, Chen Ge was about to walk forward, and suddenly heard a sound in his ear, as if someone accidentally touched the chair.

The direction the sound came from was exactly where Chen Ge heard the footsteps before.
“Jiang Ming?”
Chen Ge slowly walked towards the end of the corridor, and he found that the door of a rental house was not locked.
Gently pushing the door open, there are a lot of water-embroidered silks and satin that are unique to Hanjiang River. Now there are very few people who can still water-embroider. Chen Ge didn’t expect to see 南京419论坛 it here.
On the table were colorful cloths, several kinds of embroidery needles of different lengths, and silk threads of different colors.
The entire apartment building is in dark tones, only this room is warm and bright.
“The bamboo chair is not by the table. Someone seems to have touched it just now.” Chen Ge closed the door of the rental house and looked around.
The hut is not big, and the person living here should be an old man, because there is a pair of reading glasses thrown in the sewing frame and there are walking sticks beside the bed.
The table is placed in the middle of the house, and there are two bamboo chairs next to it. It is estimated that two people work here.
There is a black-and-white photo of an old man beside the bed in the bedroom, with a line written under the frame, which is a condolences to the deceased husband.
“The owner of the rental house should be an old lady. This is where she lives and where she works.” Chen Ge walked around in the rental house without seeing the owner: “This room 南京龙凤网 is brightly colored. It is completely different from other rental houses. It should be a very special place for Jiang Ming. He feels the warmth here.”
The owner of Jiang Ming’s memory must have treated him very well, but the problem is that the owner is not renting at this time. Inside the house.
Chen Ge didn’t want to give up. During the second search, he heard noises from the bedroom closet.