rtips on the cursor caliper of the telescope, and slowly rubbed the caliper with his fingertips, zoomed in on the tactical telescope and observed the details in the corridor, and asked aloud.

“It’s Fang Keming.” Zhou Xingxing replied from the side.
“Um…” Zhuangye trailed off: “The commander of Team B is Ling Jing, right?”
“Yes.” Zhou Xingxing nodded.
“These two people are known as the two most outstanding sharpshooters in Hong Kong after 90 years. Among them, Ling Jing 南京水磨会所has maintained a record of 13 operations and zero failures.”
“Fang Keming has 12 operations and zero failures.”
Zhou The stars report.
Zhuang Shikai is attentive.
Observe the drill site ahead.
I saw that Team B has quickly broken through the eleven, ten, and two-story corridors.
The two teams are exchanging fire around the twelfth floor.
In the “old building” in the distance.
The commander of Team B, “Ling Jing”, was driving a sniper rifle, one shot after another, to clear away the “criminals” on the rooftop.
“Bang!” A
huge sniper rifle sounded.
On the rooftop, a member of Team B was shot in the chest and raised his hands to signal to withdraw from the exercise.
Team B uses sniper shooting to ensure that the two teams climbing along the wall can successfully climb the twelve-story window sill.
Another huge gunshot.
Fang Keming rushed to the top of the building with a sniper rifle, quickly set up the gun, breathed slowly,南京桑拿会所 and shot it decisively in the direction of the “old building”!
Since Ling Jing of Team B has shot and killed Team A on Tiantai several times, the excellent sharpshooter can judge the opponent’s position with the sound of the gunshot. Therefore, Fang Keming’s first shot took almost no time for aiming and searching…the
sharpshooter is just that. Sniper!
This is a duel of the two best sharpshooters!
“Da!” The exercise shell accurately passed through the windows of the “old building”, hit the wall inside the building, and exploded red paint.
“Huh.” Ling J