ut him.

Hong Tan didn’t say much, and left quickly.
in the afternoon.
Daxia City Lord’s Mansion.
Magnificent and spectacular!
For the first time, Su Yu came to Daxia City Lord’s Mansion, the core area of ??Daxia Mansion, where a legend was born.
King Daxia, Xia Longwu, Xiahouye, as well as the father of the previous generation of palace lord, Xia Longwu, were also a top powerhouse and died in the battlefield of the heavens.
Su Yu came with admiration!
The reputation of the Xia family is still very good in the Daxia Mansion. Except for the reputation of Lord Xiahou, this one usually only picks up the rich. He 南京夜生活论坛 doesn’t bother to care about the poor. He can’t pick up much. He generally doesn’t do this. .
Under the leadership of Hong Tan, Su Yu entered a hall and waited for the arrival of Lord Xiahou.
He met Lord Xiahou once, on the day of the previous war, but he didn’t chat or talk.
For Xiahouye, I still remain in the legendary impression.
black merchant!
Pick-up merchant!
Often doing bad things, but with the Xia family’s bottom line, generally there is no consequence.
I heard that Master Xiahou washes his hands with liquid vitality, rinses his mouth with liquid vitality, uses civilian soldiers as carpets, uses magic runes for warmth, uses Shendan as broad beans to eat, and wipes his buttocks with Wanzu exercises.
However, no one says that Master Xiahou is very strong. But he saw it last time, very strong!
Fight against the 南京桑拿论坛 spirituality of a top powerhouse and win!
By the way, he seems to be called Xia Xiaoer!
At this moment, a fat man stood behind Su Yu with an ugly face, Xia Xiaoer!
Kid, do you know?
You are a cultivator, what do you think in your heart, and what is related to me, I can know!
I am Riyue, you know?
With a bang!
The first time I met officially, Su Yu fainted!
Sneak attacked!
A sun and moon attacked him!
Stunned him!
Hong Tanbai turned his eyes and flew up, I wiped it, you are all sun and moon, and sneak attacked a cult