“This time the national loss is not small, the infection rate has reached more than 30%. It is estimated that the chicken plague has caused more than 30 million yen in losses, and the later impact will be even greater. The overall loss may reach 100 million yen.”
Everyone in the room took a breath.
You know, at this time, Japan’s entire GDP does not exceed 20 billion, and its fiscal revenue is 4.7 billion. It only invested 3 billion in the war. Japan’s domestic finances have been absorbed. This is also more than a year later. Japan proposed to fight. The reason for raising the war, the long-term crazy blood draw, no one can hold on.
But at this time, the country suffered such a heavy economic loss, which suddenly increased the pressure on Japan.
Fighting is the economy, the strength, the 南京夜生活论坛 resources, and the money.
Weaken him by one more point, and he will be finished a day earlier.
Chapter 500:
Breaking Bad The research institute began to study this new type of fowl plague virus, hoping to crack it and find a way to prevent it. During this period, Jiang Hao was also recruited by the team as an assistant.
Another half month has passed. The
research institute has not cracked the virus. The Ministry of Health and Welfare has sent the latest report. Up to now, the infection rate of domestic chickens has exceeded 78% and the infection mortality rate is 100%. %.
The chicken plague has caused about 60 million yen in damages to the empire. For this reason, the deputy minister in charge of the epidemic prevention work of the Ministry of Health and Welfare was accountable and dismissed by the emperor.
“Oh, I failed again, and I still haven’t found an effective method.” Professor Fukuda took off his glasses and rubbed it, and said with some annoyance.
“The most effective method now is to kill all the chickens across the country and completely eliminate the virus. After next winter, there should be no more outbreaks,” said a 南京炮网 researcher.
“The natural death method is the mos