bones with a knife, the blood flowed out, dyed the tattoo on his back “the tiger down the mountain” red, and also cut him from the massage table to the ground.

“Boom!” Ba Mu overturned.
“Go to hell!” Chen Haonan yelled.
Ba Shut’s eyes widened in horror, and a white glow reflected in his vision, and immediately the knife’s edge was inserted into his chest with a 南京品茶网 “poof”, and it was inserted into his heart accurately, and he couldn’t die again.
“Ding-ding-dang-dang-dang-dang!” At this moment, a group of thugs around Ba closed their benches and iron rods, and fought against Pheasants, Datianer and others. There was chaos in the massage room, and they screamed.
Due to the vigorous attack of the police, now young and Dangerous people go out and go shopping, almost dare not bring guns, so as not to attract the attention of the police.
In addition, Chen Haonan came here prepared and chose a place like a massage room to kill a person by surprise.
There are not many people led by Chen Haonan, so he is determined to pay attention to a quick fight.
So he quickly succeeded in one blow, and he fought to death!
“Let’s go!” He shouted at this moment, and the brothers who were responsible for blocking the East Stars turned around and cast their eyes on Brother Hao Nan ahead.
Baqi is dead!
It’s done!
Pheasant, Datianer and 南京桑拿论坛 others immediately took the knife.
They followed Chen Haonan to open the window, jumped down to the third floor, stepped on the canopy, and then jumped down to the street, throwing down their weapons and fleeing wildly.
“Big guy is dead!”
“Big guy fucked Hong Xing’s people to death!”
“Hong Xing wants to go to war with us, hurry up and call someone to kill those Hong Xingzai to avenge him!” In the
massage room , The remaining Dongxing brothers and horses, some people called to call someone, some picked up a weapon to chase, some looked after the corpse of the boss.
This battle!
“It’s done!”
“It’s done!”