to him, suddenly asked.

“The Chaos Demon held a game. The content is this game, and we are playing on behalf of the country of steel.”
General Fred rubbed his eyebrows tiredly.
“I have to be ready to put that old fox long face smashed.”
“We have the Holy Spirit is a five man team team game, you mean we have to find four generations or table States Steel play”
card Prince Oss didn’t understand how it was just an ordinary magic net game that suddenly related to national honor.
“It’s just Joshua Norrod who said casually. To put it bluntly, it’s just a trivial bet in a tavern.”
Fred. The general waved his hand. If it were not for the crystallization of the sacred tree and teaching the 南京夜生活论坛 Karshilov family, he might not even have the interest to watch.
“General, you are looking for the other four people there,” Prince Kaos asked suddenly.
“Don’t think about the trial of the sage of Kaos. You can’t tolerate your mistakes.” General Fred said in a serious tone. “I will find a way to find the 南京品茶网 rest. There are many guards in the embassy. Secretly playing magic net games, now it’s time for them to come in handy.”
General Fred is serious. He intends to form a special team to play magic net games. Prince Kaos didn’t even dare to imagine before. Things.
“I met a very powerful opponent while playing the Holy Spirit in the morning.”
Prince Kaos looked at the old general thinking about the candidate and said.
“Playing a magic net game can have.” When
General Fred just wanted to say his mantra of reprimanding Prince Kaos, the ratio of beheading to death that popped up on his game interface caused General Fred to fall into silence for an instant.
In the game just now, General Fred met a strong enemy. He clearly understood this game. Even if the same hero is used, because the commander is different, it will exert a 南京419论坛 completely different power.
The heroes themselves are extremely powerful, but if you want to exert the true power of the heroes, you need an equally good commander.