Or try it, simply use your body to break through.
This Baidao Pavilion is amazing!
As soon as these words came out, several old people’s faces twitched. Fuck, do you have to start from the first level next time?
And Su Yu didn’t just count this, but also said: “This is a reward for
memorializing this breakthrough, right?” As soon as he said this, he couldn’t help it!
When you have reached this point, you are about to make Baidaoge bald, and you are still thinking about the merits, so be a man!
Niu Baidao also came, and he was tired and said: “Su Yu, frequent barriers, it is of little significance, take more rest, absorb the gains”
Su Yu nodded and smiled: “Thank you, the governor, I remember it! I have to pass at least. I only came in three or four days, and I won’t go in tomorrow
Zhu Hongliang still couldn’t help but said again: “How many levels are you on!”
Su Yu glanced sideways at the crystal tablet. Fortunately, without his own name, these people saw that he was 南京桑拿会所 in level 40, right?
Su Yu smiled and said: “41 level!”
Open your eyes and speak nonsense!
Mr. Yun found out a little again, others hate to talk about a few levels, this guy opened his mouth and came.
“You got through one level after level 41? It was really slow!”
Zhu Hongliang seemed to be a little disappointed, I thought you were above 45!
Su Yu smiled and said, “It’s okay, work hard next time!”
Try to reach level 60 and try it out!
I really want to try the strength of Shanhai, but it is a pity that I will fight for real and I am afraid of being beaten to death.
And, at least let’s talk about it when it is vacated.
By now, everything is ready!
Also, after going back, you have to associate with the 180 divine orifice, is there any primordial divine orifice?
At this moment, Su Yu couldn’t wait.
Can the discovery of 南京夜生活论坛 Yuanshen Aperture change anything?
Can you quickly have the strength to fight mountains and seas?
Who is stronger, like yourself and Wu Qi?
He wants to try all this,