to the storyteller with enthusiasm.

When Zhou Yingxue followed Ren Xiaosu’s gaze, she immediately realized that she casually glanced at her master, why this master’s peach blossom luck is so prosperous, and just sent Li Ran away, and then there is another little girl!
After the tavern closed, Xiaolu followed the storyteller back home in frustration. When he entered the house, he began to tear up the folded paper cranes. Hearing the movement, the storyteller was amused at the time, “Yes, tear it! Men don’t have a good thing!”
It turned out that Mr. Storyteller hadn’t been happy for long. The deer 南京龙凤网 started to fold the paper cranes again. Mr. Storyteller wondered, “Didn’t you just tore a pile? Why did you start to fold it again?”
Xiaolu stubbornly said, “I like him, it has nothing to do with him!” The
storyteller’s teeth started to hurt. “Where did you learn it.”
Ren Xiaosu went back to the yard alone, but what surprised him a little was the potatoes in the backyard. Scattered potatoes were scattered beside the shooter.
This scene stunned Ren Xiaosu. It was clear that someone went into the backyard and was beaten by a potato shooter, but what about people? Did you run away after being beaten up?
“This is probably an extraordinary person,” Ren Xiaosu meditated. Only an extraordinary person could retreat all over after being beaten so hard, but didn’t the woman with the black peaked cap have gone? Is there anything else on the 61st 南京419论坛 barrier? The extraordinary?
This made Ren Xiaosu heightened his vigilance. Someone was staring at him. It was definitely not easy to encounter this kind of thing the first day he came back.
Are they Wang Fugui? Not that, Ren Xiaosu felt that even if Wang Fugui saw the newspaper, he 南京龙凤论坛 wouldn’t be here so soon, and Wang Fugui and the others couldn’t hold the potato shooter at all, and there was no need to go over the wall and enter the backyard.
Until two days later, Ren Xiaosu met Qin Sheng with a blue nose and a swollen nose in the pub.
Ren Xiaosu carefully