lute advantage.

Compared to fighting alone, Chen Ge is better at relying on numbers to grind each other to death. He grabbed the comic book and was always looking for opportunities.
Xiong Qing knows Chen Ge very well. When the guy in front of him is staring at him, no matter whether he is a human or a ghost, he will not end well. That man is simply the incarnation of bad luck and ignorance. Only by killing him 南京炮网 and tearing him apart can he be completely shredded. Peace of mind.
The group of ghosts besieged, Xiong Qing suffered more and more injuries, and he felt that he had fallen into the wolves.
What’s even more annoying is that those ghosts do not have any ethics and lower limits, and they play sneak attacks and hunting to the fullest, specifically attacking the dead corners of his defense.
“It’s too slow! Don’t keep your hands!”
Chen Ge urged again and again, and Men Nan finally stopped hiding himself.
His body slowly turned into a blood mist in the third ward, hiding behind Bai Qiulin.
Several Li ghosts were swept away by the half of Xiong Qing’s bloody wings. Bai Qiulin saw the opportunity and jumped high, biting at Xiong Qing’s neck.
His speed is not fast, and there is no way to compare with Xiong Qing. When he approached, 南京品茶网 Xiong Qing had already responded.
The bloodshot entangled together to form a sharp thorn, which pierced Bai Qiulin.
Just when the spike was about to pierce Bai Qiulin’s body, a cloud of blood avoided the spike, drilled through the gap, and enveloped Xiong Qing’s head.
“It’s really troublesome.” The
blood mist condensed out of Men Nan’s appearance. He stood on Xiong Qing’s shoulder, his fingers pierced into Xiong Qing’s neck like a knife without hesitation!
“When I was in the third ward, I saw that you were not pleasing to your
eyes . I told me every day some ghost stories about the severed hand hidden under the bed. Now that we are all right, we are all ghosts! Lao Tzu is no longer afraid of you!” It was occupied by blood red with a grim expressio