preme, really looks like a third-class peak.

I thought he lied to me.
But now, the King of Great Zhou counts the power of the 9 Dao, is that second-class?
He is now absolutely second-class!
From this point of 南京品茶网 view, the star may not be too strong, otherwise, Qidao, the third-class pinnacle is nothing more, it is rare and weird to call it the strongest!
“Is it double the power of the 16 Dao?”
Su Yu asked, and the Emperor smiled: “Forget it, the power of more than 16 Dao is considered to be the first class, the Ten Thousand Realms did not compare to us back then. The stronger one, and then divide it up, it doesn’t make any sense!”
This is a bit of a taste of thirteen!
We were classified as the first class, not because we can no longer go up, but because there is no stronger existence than us!
What are you doing again?
Are you left to play in the middle?
But Su Yu condensed his eyebrows: “Then King Wen and His Majesty Human Emperor were so powerful back then, wouldn’t it be impossible to win the Ten Thousand Clan?”
Why have to wait for King Wen to disappear before solving the problem!
The emperor sighed with emotion: “You also said that if the ten thousand races are forced to the extreme, unity will easily appear, which is not good for the unity of my human race! Moreover, once the war really starts, the loss 南京龙凤论坛 will be great! Actually, give me a little more time. , Ten thousand people shouldn’t worry about it!”
“While Wen Wang left”
Ren Huang sighed: “It’s also forced to be helpless. Wen Jue had something wrong, and he had to leave! Before leaving, he had called me and asked me if he wanted to Before he leaves, resolve the threats of the ten thousand races.”
Su Yu was startled, saying that King Wen is not too silly. Before he left, he asked the Emperor of Humanity. Obviously, he was also worried about something wrong.
As a result, the emperor should have refused.
Why refuse?
The Emperor said with a smile: “At that time, I did not agree! There are many reasons, the main